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When your child isn’t feeling well, you can count on the urgent care services from Jonathan Reyes, MD, and the team at Comprehensive Pediatrics in Edison, New Jersey, and avoid the long wait at the emergency room. Dr. Reyes has over 15 years of experience in emergency room care to provide your child with the highest level of integrative and compassionate care. If your child has a cut, unexplained pain, sore throat, or other symptoms that need urgent medical attention, call Comprehensive Pediatrics or request an urgent care appointment online today.

Urgent Care Q & A

What is urgent care?

Urgent care focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of acute, non-emergency symptoms of illness or complications from an accident. The team at Comprehensive Pediatrics offers urgent care services for children and teens that address symptoms and conditions like:

The providers can also treat symptoms of chronic health conditions, such as asthma and allergies, through urgent care visits.

When should I consider urgent care services?

If your child develops symptoms of an illness that aren’t improving with rest and home care, the Comprehensive Pediatrics team recommends scheduling an urgent care visit. 

You should also request an urgent care appointment if your child has non-life-threatening injuries from a fall, sports activities, or another type of accident.

In the event your child is bleeding uncontrollably, has a head injury, or a visible broken bone, you should seek emergency treatment at the nearest hospital or by calling 911.

When you’re not sure if your child’s condition is urgent, you can always call the Comprehensive Pediatrics office to discuss it and find out if urgent care treatment is necessary. The team provides care seven days a week, as well as telehealth appointments.

What are the benefits of urgent care?

The Comprehensive Pediatrics team offers urgent care services for children and teens to ensure they receive a prompt diagnosis and treatment when they are sick or injured or if their primary care provider isn’t available.

The Comprehensive Pediatrics team has extensive experience in accurately diagnosing the root cause of unexplained pain and other symptoms, so treatment can begin quickly. 

They offer a variety of diagnostic technologies for your convenience and customize treatment plans to your child’s needs that may include medications, in-office therapies, and referrals to specialists.

Urgent care services also help you avoid the long wait times that are common in hospital emergency rooms. The medical team is compassionate and focuses on keeping your child comfortable throughout your visit. 

They take an integrative approach to care and provide follow-up appointments to monitor your child’s recovery and overall health.

If your child is sick or injured and needs medical attention, call Comprehensive Pediatrics to schedule an urgent care appointment or request a visit online today.