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If you're a parent of one of the 6.2 million American children who have asthma, you know that personalized medical care is critical to protecting their health. The physicians at Comprehensive Pediatrics in Edison, New Jersey, diagnose asthma and provide customized treatment plans to manage your child's condition. If you think your child has asthma, call Comprehensive Pediatrics or make an appointment online for expert care.

Asthma Q & A

What is asthma?

Asthma is a prevalent chronic health condition that causes inflammation and excess mucus production in the lungs' airways. It reduces the space available for air to flow and can make it difficult to breathe.

Asthma usually emerges during childhood and causes symptoms, including:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness

Your child might also have an occasional asthma attack, which is the sudden onset of severe asthma symptoms. Asthma attacks are often frightening, but you and your child can learn how to treat and manage an attack by staying calm and using inhaler medication.

What causes asthma?

Medical researchers haven't identified a specific cause of asthma. However, research indicates that there is a link between asthma and allergies.

Your child has an increased chance of developing asthma if either parent or other family members also have the condition. Other asthma risk factors include exposure to smoke, poor air quality, and airborne irritants during infancy, while the immune system is still developing. 

Some young people experience sports-induced asthma, which can cause complications for athletes and physically active children.  

How is asthma diagnosed?

If your child has any asthma symptoms, make an appointment at Comprehensive Pediatrics. Your doctor begins by reviewing your child's symptoms and medical history. Make sure to mention any family history of asthma or allergies. 

The doctor also listens to your child's lungs to identify the tell-tale wheezing sound caused by inflamed airways. They use pulmonary function tests such as spirometry, bronchoprovocation, and peak expiratory flow (PEF) tests to measure how much air moves in and out of your child's lungs. 

Your doctor might also suggest allergy testing to identify any substances that could trigger or exacerbate your child's condition.

How do you treat asthma?

The team at Comprehensive Pediatrics provides personalized treatment plans for asthma. While there isn't a cure for asthma, you can manage it by avoiding triggers and using medication to keep the airways open. 

The doctors prescribe asthma medication in an inhaler or nebulizer. Your child might need to take medication every day or your doctor might prescribe an inhaler to use on an as-needed basis. 

Your doctor can also help you plan and prepare for what to do if your child has an asthma attack. Being prepared can help you stay calm and help your child.

The team at Comprehensive Pediatrics can also help you implement lifestyle changes to protect your child's health and reduce their asthma symptoms. For example, regular physical activity can help keep your child's lungs strong.

Call Comprehensive Pediatrics or make an appointment online if your child has asthma symptoms and needs expert medical care.