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If you’re expecting a baby, the team at Comprehensive Pediatrics gets you started on the right path. Aijuan Wang, MD, PhD, offers comprehensive pregnancy consultations for expectant mothers at the office in Edison, New Jersey, to ensure you have the resources you need to enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy. If you’re expecting, you can book a pregnancy consultation online or by calling the Comprehensive Pediatrics office today.

Pregnancy Consultation Q & A

What can I expect during a pregnancy consultation?

During your initial pregnancy consultation, your Comprehensive Pediatrics doctor takes an integrative approach to evaluate your overall health. 

They begin with an assessment of your personal and family medical history and your existing health to identify issues that may interfere with a healthy pregnancy. If you already have children, your physician reviews your previous pregnancy, your delivery, and any complications you had.

As part of a physical exam, your physician notes important information about your current health, such as your blood pressure and heart rate. You can expect blood work to ensure there are no underlying medical issues.

Your Comprehensive Pediatrics provider can also determine your baby’s due date and complete a routine pelvic exam to evaluate your reproductive health.

When should I schedule a pregnancy consultation?

Ideally, you should schedule a pregnancy consultation as soon as you know you’re pregnant. The Comprehensive Pediatrics team also recommends a consultation if you have symptoms of pregnancy, such as morning sickness and fatigue, and need testing.

Receiving medical care early in your pregnancy can reduce your and your baby’s risk for health complications and ensure you have the support and resources you need as you look forward to your expected delivery date. 

The team at Comprehensive Pediatrics provides ongoing prenatal care and checkups throughout your pregnancy.

What are the benefits of a pregnancy consultation?

Expectant mothers, especially new moms, likely have a lot of questions and concerns about pregnancy. The team at Comprehensive Pediatrics provides one-on-one consultations that give you time to address your questions and ensure you’re physically healthy enough to support a pregnancy and also check on your mental health.

The team works closely with you to address many aspects of your pregnancy, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise plan
  • Existing health issues
  • Environmental hazards

They can also provide you with information about their available pediatric services, so you have access to compassionate, reliable health care for your child following your delivery. 

The Comprehensive Pediatrics team offers a variety of services for newborns, young children, and adolescents, including vaccines, chronic disease management, wellness checks, and sick visits.

If you’re having a baby or need to confirm a pregnancy, schedule a pregnancy consultation at Comprehensive Pediatrics online or by calling the office today.