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Around 1 in 6 American children have a developmental disorder or delay. At Comprehensive Pediatrics in Edison, New Jersey, the skilled team of pediatricians specializes in developmental conditions and autism spectrum disorder. The caring doctors understand the challenges associated with developmental disorders, and they’re here to help every child achieve health and happiness. Book your appointment online or call the office today.

Developmental Conditions & Autism Q & A

What is a developmental disorder?

A developmental disorder is a long-term condition that seriously impacts your child’s health. If your child has a developmental disorder, treatment and support are very important, as it’s a challenge they have for the rest of their life. 

With help from the doctors at Comprehensive Pediatrics, your child can achieve the very best health possible. 

Which developmental disorders affect children?

Many different developmental disorders may affect children, including:

There are many other disorders, and subcategories of each disorder, that also qualify as developmental disorders. Some developmental disorders are apparent at birth (or before birth) whereas you might not see symptoms of others until the toddler years. 

What are the symptoms of developmental conditions and autism?

Every developmental disorder has unique symptoms. You may notice changes or problems in any of the following areas if your child has a developmental disorder. 

  • Attention span
  • Memory
  • Comprehension
  • Speech
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Social interactions

Some specific behavioral characteristics of autism spectrum disorder may include difficulty with social situations, expressing emotions, carrying on a conversation, and maintaining personal distance with others. 

In addition to behavioral and mental differences, children who have a developmental disorder may also have noticeable physical differences. Of the developmental disorders that cause physical differences, each is unique. 

Children with autism spectrum disorder may exhibit unique facial features, including wide-set eyes, wide forehead, wider mouth, and shorter midface region. The physical identifiers of Down syndrome can include upward-slanted eyes, a deep crease across palms of hands, and poor muscle tone. 

How do you treat developmental disorders?

Every developmental disorder is different, and every young patient is unique, so the Comprehensive Pediatrics team tailors care specifically for your child. 

They conduct full-scale testing, including a comprehensive analysis of both mind and body, to find the correct diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan that works. 

The Comprehensive Pediatrics team can prescribe medication, physical therapy, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and many other specialized treatment protocols to help your child become as healthy as possible. 

Of course, as a parent you also need support. The team can recommend resources and provide specific guidance to help you as you help your child. 

For compassionate developmental disorder diagnosis and support, including autism, call the Comprehensive Pediatrics team or use the online scheduler to book an appointment.