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When your child is sick or has a medical issue, quick care and convenience are important. That’s why Comprehensive Pediatrics offers telehealth appointments to patients in Edison, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. With telehealth, you and your child see the doctor via video conferencing so they can easily get the medical advice, prescriptions, and other care they need. Call the office or book a telehealth visit online today.

Telehealth Q & A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a remote treatment option in which a member of the Comprehensive Pediatrics team connects with your child virtually. 

With telehealth visits, you don't need to leave home. When face-to-face visits aren't possible, a telehealth appointment is an excellent way to get reliable care. 

How do I set up a telehealth appointment?

The Comprehensive Pediatrics team can help you set up an appointment. At that time, they tell you how to prepare for the visit. This generally involves downloading HIPAA-compliant software on a phone, tablet, or computer. 

The secure video conference software is completely private, allowing only designated participants, including you, your child, and the pediatrician, to see and hear what's going on. 

What happens during a telehealth visit?

Your child's pediatric care provider reviews their records and discusses symptoms with your child, if they're able to express themselves, or with you if they're nonverbal or not feeling well enough to talk. 

The pediatrician may ask your child to get close to the screen so they can get a close look at them. Detailed descriptions are important in a telehealth appointment, so be as specific as you can when explaining your child's symptoms. 

In a telehealth appointment, you work in tandem with the pediatrician, so they may ask you to take your child's temperature or do other basic wellness checks and report the results. 

If you have other medical equipment in your home, like a blood pressure cuff, your child’s pediatrician may ask you to check that as well. 

Can my child receive all care through telehealth?

Telehealth isn’t ideal for every situation. For serious illnesses, a face-to-face visit at Comprehensive Pediatrics is best. But, for many of the common childhood illnesses and injuries, telehealth can be an excellent solution. 

Depending on the current situation, the Comprehensive Pediatrics team might recommend telehealth for a variety of conditions, such as:

Telehealth could also be a good option for follow-up visits and prescription refills. If you’re not sure whether your child needs an in-office or telehealth visit, call the office for help. 

Want reliable and expert pediatric care without leaving your home? Call Comprehensive Pediatrics or click the online scheduler to arrange your telehealth visit.